Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Beginning

Although there is nothing of real interest on my Blog right now be assured that there will be things coming in the near future :)

In the meantime please head on over to Suziqu's Threadworks Blog and take a look around. I found this blog courtesy of 'roxycar11' on youtube and have spent many hours pouring over the beautiful works there. If I ever craft at a fraction of this lady's talent I will be very happy :)


  1. Hi, Jeanette

    I came across a couple of your videos this evening on YT so i thought i would find your blog and say hello, i am a crafter too and have channels on YT and a blog, so i thought i would say Hi and Good Luck with your new blog, it is great to be able to advertise your work on a blog, and find new friends, i started mine last year and love it i also started my channel last year too. I am on a few design teams and run a DT on Saturated Canary, so here are my contact details if you are interested, Hugs Vick xx
    my YTChannels are vixcrafts & saturatedcanary
    im also on FB vick mcclean
    i am following you now so i will pop by now and again, and again, Good Luck sweetie xxxx Vick
    P.S just a friendly suggestion, turn your word verification off on your blog as a lot of people won't leave comments if they have to put that in everytime as its time consuming and sometimes they are hard to read, what i did to combat that is i turned it off but made it so that i had to confirm posts before they were published, that way you have control over your blog comments without causing bloggers to avoid your blog, just a friendly suggestion hun, hugs xx

    1. Hi Vick :) Thanks for taking a look at my blog, not that there's much here right now! Thanks for the great advice also :) I'm off to check out your yt and blog now.


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