Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Angels, Tussie Mussies and Hearts

These are some of the Christmas Projects I've made recently, they are all in white and cream tones because after years of having a very traditional Christmas decor in our hot and humid climate I decided it was time to cool things down a little and go for lighter colours for Christmas, so hopefully in a couple of years everything will have transitioned nicely. I can't do it all in one go this year so it will have to be either next year or the year after that it's complete, fingers crossed for next year!!

Firstly I made a lovely heart with a 'crazy quilt'-ish style, this is done with glue rather than the traditional fabric and laces. They are very easy to make and they were inspired by Lele Lineca on Youtube.

My next project was for a challenge on youtube to make a 'raggedy doll' following Va's (Bianca4430) tutorial, I made mine in to a Christmas Angel and then I made her some wings that were inspired by 'The Feathered Nest' blog. I'm very happy how they turned out and actually prefer the wings hanging rather than on the dolly.

You can see the wings properly in the video HERE

Next up is my little Tussie Mussie, I made five of these little lovelies and I love them :) They were inspired by Roxycar11 on Youtube and were very easy to make.

I also made a couple of quick glass baubles, they were so easy and quick I will definitely be making more of these next year!!

I hope you all like my little projects, you can see videos with most of my projects on my youtube channel HERE and thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has/had a wonderful Christmas :)


  1. Your lace creations are gorgeous! Love the Christmas tree made from lace in your previous post!!

    I am loading blogs in the draft post for my Grow Your Blog party -- you are all set! Remember that the party is on the 19th! See you there!


  2. Oh thank you so much :) Yes I'll be ready!


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